2020 Welby Summer Flower Trial Winners

The 2020 Welby Gardens Summer Flower Trials event originally scheduled for Wednesday, August 5th was canceled due to COVID-19 concerns.  Although the event was canceled, we continued to grow the plants for evaluation.

There was a total of 584 items in the trials. The following number of items were submitted: Ball Flora Plant– 35, Beekenkamp– 38, Benary+ – 43, Danziger– 74, Darwin– 13, Dummen– 49,   PanAm– 28, Proven Winners– 45, Selecta– 37, Suntory– 34, Syngenta Flowers– 104, Takii– 3, Westhoff– 39, and AAS– 42.

Plant breeders had the opportunity to evaluate the trials by appointment only.  25 people voted; 12 Welby Gardens staff (sales, production, purchasing, and head growers) and 13 from Breeding and Broker companies. While this year proved to be different in all aspects of the usual flower trials (number of plants, size of containers and number of people voting), we still wanted to share the results of the winners.

Here are the top winners…(There are numerous ties)